Need to secure your personal folders. Try BS Applocker

Now a days, almost everyone is concerned about the security of his/ her mobile phone. We don’t want anybody to access our personal folders and apps like gallery, whatsapp etc. For that we try many application/ lockers. But if someone get the password, he can see your private apps.

We have reviewed many applocker file on playstore, but the results are not satisfactory. So we try to do something new, we try to search for an app with uncommon features. After a lot of hard work we found BS Applocker.

We found something unique in this app. I have created a password and locked my apps and ask one of my friend to open the app. I told him my password but guess what even after knowing my password he was unable to unlock my app. Because of a hidden trick used in this app.

BS Applocker uses pattern match and pin for security but if anyone try to use that password or pattern to unlock the app, it won’t work because of hidden bubble shown in below screen. If user does not click on this bubble before opening the lock, it won’t work.

Due to this feature it is quite difficult for other to open the lock as this bubble is not visible easily and also the position of bubble keeps on changing. So user will take time to open the app.

So if you need security for your app you can download the app from here.

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